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Contemplating the Bittersweet

Life in Guanajuato has begun to feel quite normal. I’m settling in, and I like it. It’s a good feeling to have found a community that feels welcoming, positive, energetic and that’s filled with interesting, caring, curious people. It’s home to 200,000 inhabitants, but Guanajuato feels much more like a small town than a big city, and since I keep myself mostly to the southern half of the city - the slightly quieter part - it feels even more so like my own little pueblo. I can get everywhere within the city center on foot, and much of “el centro” is traffic free thanks to the many tunnels below ground, constructed over the past centuries as a way to divert river water from the silver mines that brought riches to Spain and to prevent flooding in the city. The tunnels have since been expanded - the silver mines much a relic of the past - and turned into motorways, making traffic clogs a relative scarcity within the center of town. Subscribe * indicate

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